Will My Company Reimburse the Cost of a Career Coach?

Will My Company Reimburse the Cost of a Career Coach?

Are you interested in a career coach, but wondering if your company will reimburse the cost? Most companies provide some reimbursement for professional development. But even if the reimbursement is limited, there are affordable ways to receive coaching and accelerate your career growth.

Reimbursement for professional development

Employers realize that professional development increases your effectiveness at work and enhances your contribution to the business. Will you be reimbursed for career coaching classes?

  • Most companies provide some level of reimbursement for professional development.
  • According to research, companies that reimburse for mid-level professional development pay $800 to $3,000 yearly for each participating employee.
  • Contact the human resources department where you work and ask if you’ll receive reimbursement for career coaching services.

What about reimbursement for executive coaching?

  • Many large corporations hire executive coaches to ensure their senior leaders receive assistance with professional development.
  • Most corporations that pay for elective executive coaching do so for mid- to senior-level executives.
  • For junior executives, organizations offer varying levels of reimbursement for professional development.

Benefits of career coaching

Live, online career coaching
  • Terawatt offers live, online group coaching courses
  • It saves you time and money
  • You can attend classes at home

Statistics show that although many companies have professional development programs or reimburse for services, fewer than ten percent of workers take advantage of the opportunity. But career coaching is a worthwhile investment even if you don’t receive reimbursement. How can you benefit?

If it's related to your professional development, a career coach can help. You'll receive expert guidance and learn strategies to become proficient and productive in a variety of areas, including:

  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Soft skill enhancement
  • Defining your career path
  • Setting realistic short- and long-term goals
  • Overcoming negative habits or behaviors
  • Developing negotiation skills
  • Work-life balance

Affordable career coaching

At Terawatt, we make career coaching affordable and convenient. Our coaching experts provide live online sessions in a group setting. You’ll enjoy the advantages:

  • You can save money compared with more costly one-on-one coaching, without a sacrifice in quality.
  • Live sessions allow you to talk with your coach, ask questions, and learn from others.
  • You can find courses that match your schedule and attend at home or the location of your choice.

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