What Is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is the opportunity to receive professional support through a computer or mobile device—a tablet, iPad, or smartphone—that has an internet (online) connection. It’s easy and convenient, and it can save you time and money.

Types of Online Coaching

You can receive online coaching for many of the same services offered when you meet a coach in person. If you have a busy schedule, limited transportation, or simply prefer the comfort of your home, you can get professional support in many ways:

  • Life - Family, finances, lifestyle, religion, or other personal concerns
  • Wellness – Nutrition, exercise, therapy, lifestyle, or other health-related issues
  • Sports – Athletic training, physical conditioning, sports nutrition
  • Small business – Starting, running, and sustaining a thriving business
  • Executive – Senior leadership and executive professional development
  • Career – Professional growth and development, including soft and hard skills

Online Career Coaching

Online career coaching is convenient and easy. Live group sessions make learning fun and expand your professional network.You’ll benefit from career coaching in several ways:

  • maximize your strengths
  • acquire new skills
  • boost your confidence
  • increase your value as an employee

Terawatt is a marketplace for online career coaching in a group setting. Choose your coach and a class that’s convenient for you.

Why choose online vs. in-person coaching?

  • Location – No travel required. You can receive coaching at home or the location of your choice. And get comfortable. Take your shoes off, grab a snack or a cup of coffee or tea, and let the learning begin.
  • Convenience – You can choose classes that are convenient for you—and when you’re at your best for learning.
  • Affordability – Online group sessions are more affordable than one-on-one coaching. It saves you money and increases opportunities to take more classes.
  • Interaction – You’ll be able to talk with your coach, participate in activities, and learn from fellow students.
Young Asian woman sitting and leaning on a counter; for information on career coaching from Terawatt

At Terawatt, we’re schedule friendly. Browse our online courses. You’ll notice the different days and times that our coaches offer classes. Each course listing features a link: “Don’t see a time that works for you?” We welcome you to click the link and submit a form to request an alternate time.

How Can You Benefit from Online Coaching?

Online career coaching has value for everyone involved.

  • Define your career path
  • Develop a strategy to set and reach goals
  • Enhance soft skills
  • Increase productivity
  • Manage stress
  • Expand your professional network
HR Teams
  • Reduce turnover by encouraging professional development and increasing employee engagement
  • Promote teamwork and collaboration
  • Fill skill gaps and reduce costs of hiring new employees
  • Increase productivity
Small Businesses
  • Promote employee engagement and workplace satisfaction
  • Save money by developing employees’ skills, including time management, problem-solving, and collaboration
  • Retention
  • Reach a broader audience
  • Network and collaborate with other coaching professionals
  • Coach from a location of your choice

What Types of Courses Are Available?

One of the things students love about Terawatt’s marketplace is that our online classes are as diverse as our career coaches. If you already have course topics in mind, you can find them—or request them—at Terawatt. Examples of our course offerings include:

  • Leadership – Analyze, develop, and enhance your leadership skills.
  • Career focus – Create a strategy to navigate obstacles and stay focused on your career goals.
  • Communication skills – Practice and master techniques to manage conflict or effectively negotiate and influence during meetings, presentations, or cold calls.
  • Self-improvement – Discover ways to manage stress, organize your life, and overcome your fears or negative thinking.
  • Special feature: Request a Class – If you’re looking for a career coaching course that Terawatt doesn’t offer yet, requesting it is simple. Give us the details on our Request a Class form, and we'll make it happen.
Young Asian woman sitting and leaning on a counter; for information on career coaching from Terawatt

Who Provides the Coaching?

Terawatt partners with professional coaches to ensure you receive affordable online coaching of the highest quality. Our application process for each coach includes an interview, a thorough vetting process, and a careful review of the coach’s course offerings.

Regardless of your profession, you’ll be able to choose a coach to match your needs and interests. Our coaches have varied backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Psychology
  • Human Resources
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Journalism

Meet them on our Coaches page.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy to enroll for online career coaching with Terawatt.

  • You can sign up for free with Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or create a unique username and password.
  • Explore our course offerings, where you can see the cost for each course, learn more about our coaches, and check out their LinkedIn profiles.
  • After you select a class, you'll receive a prompt for credit card payment to complete your enrollment.
  • We’ll send you an e-mail confirmation
  • After you’ve completed a course…
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How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

You need high-speed internet access (broadband) to receive coaching on your computer or mobile device. A course can be audio only, recorded video, or live video. Before you enroll in a class, contact your internet service provider to ensure you have enough internet speed.

Class delivery method Minimum download speed needed
Megabits per second (Mbps)
Audio/sound only 1
Recorded standard video 3 - 4
Recorded high-definition (HD) video 5 - 8
Live personal video call 1 - 2
Live video teleconference 6

How Much Does Online Career Coaching Cost?

Terawatt’s online career coaching services are less expensive than one-on-one sessions. On average, the cost of a class ranges from $29 - $220. Several factors affect your out-of-pocket expense.

  • Number of students – The cost of a class decreases as the number of students increases. Tell your coworkers and friends about our courses. You can save money if you enroll as a group.
  • Employer reimbursement – Many employers provide reimbursement for professional development. Contact your employer’s human resource (HR) department to find out if a reimbursement program is available.
  • Company sponsorship – Employers can request career coaching courses and cover the cost to promote employee development and help achieve organizational goals. If you’re a business owner or leader or a human resource professional, contact Terawatt to learn more about your options.

What Can You Expect?

  • Relaxed atmosphere – Our coaches are welcoming, friendly, and approachable.
  • Interactive – It's live. You'll be able to see your coach, ask questions, participate, and learn from other students.
  • Fun learning – Your coach will engage you with exercises and activities that make learning exciting and fun.
  • Networking opportunities – As you get acquainted with students in the class, you can expand your professional network.
Infographic highlighting three benefits of online career coaching with Terawatt – saves time, saves money, and convenience.

Does Online Coaching Work?

Yes, but our students say it best.

“Even though I was surprised that my coach asked me to practice the skills I learned in a live setting, I enjoyed it.”

“I appreciate that there were only two of us in the class. I feel fortunate to have learned about online coaching and had a thorough experience with my coach. Soon after the event, I was able to put my new skills into action.”

Take the Next Step

It’s free to sign up as a student with Terawatt online coaching. And there is no obligation.

  • Sign up as a student
  • Enter your e-mail address to receive your free 10-Step Guide to Getting the Most from Career Coaching
  • Get your friends or colleagues onboard and save money.
  • Show the 10-Step Guide to your manager or HR team to turn up the excitement.
  • When you’re ready, choose your coach and class, and enroll.
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What If Online Coaching Isn’t for You?

Learning styles differ. You might try an online class with a group of friends or colleagues and decide it’s not for you. Or maybe you’ve already discovered the ways you learn best. You can request one-on-one sessions with any of our coaches.

And check out these resources to help you get the most from career coaching by learning your way:

  • Source 1
  • Source 2
  • Source 3

Are You a Career Coach?

At Terawatt, we continue to grow our marketplace of effective and impactful coaches. We'd love to partner with you. For details about how you can join us, visit our page, How Does Terawatt Online Career Coaching Work?

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