What Is Career Coaching?

What Is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a way to receive guidance and support to help you reach your full potential in your career. A career coach is an expert at helping you identify your strengths, navigate obstacles, and achieve and maintain momentum in your career. You’ll get assistance in developing personalized strategies to enhance the hard and soft skills you need to be successful.

Your coach can help you become a valued contributor to your company’s goals. As you learn ways to harness your talent, build your leadership skills, and enhance your communication skills, you will naturally become a trusted resource to colleagues and any employees you manage.

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As you work along with your coach, you’ll asses your career and gain insight on which tools and resources will help you define your path and stay on track. And you will learn to set realistic goals in phases that will keep you motivated and build your confidence.

Identifying your strengths and overcoming obstacles

  • You and your coach will discuss your strengths and why they are valuable to your career.
  • You will examine your routine, schedule, and work environment to identify potential obstacles and why they exist.
  • You’ll learn to identify obstacles versus annoyances, as well as the consequences of eliminating the obstacles.
  • You and your coach will work together and develop a plan to overcome them.

Enhancing your skills

Your career coach has the insight to help you identify which hard and soft skills you need to develop or enhance.

Hard skills

Hard skills include clearly defined training and experience you need to perform specific job duties. Some examples include:

  • Certification, licensure, or education requirements
  • Computer technology
  • Project management

Soft skills

Soft skills are traits or qualities that affect how you interact with people. Some common soft skills include:

  • Communication - Clarity, respect, listening, and empathy are a few aspects of effective] communication that you'll want to build.
  • Teamwork – Successful employees work well in a group setting and willingly exchange ideas, minimize or manage conflict, and cooperate.
  • Adaptability – You're adaptable if you can embrace change and graciously roll with it—instead of letting it roll over you.

Developing a strategy

After all the data gathering, you might be overwhelmed with what you and your career coach have unveiled. But don’t worry. Your coach will help you develop a strategy to progressively implement ideas and changes. A typical strategy might include:

  • Establishing short- and long-term goals for minimizing or eliminating obstacles
  • Keeping an education and training calendar for developing hard and soft skills
  • Strengthening your professional network within your company to exchange ideas and resources that accelerate your career growth

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