Plan Your Career

Plan Your Career

Planning your career can be exciting and rewarding, and it adds structure to your professional development. You’re not alone in your desire for career growth. Fifty percent of millennials, 42 percent of Gen Xers, and 40 percent of baby boomers say the opportunity to advance is a significant factor when looking for a new job. The market is competitive, and highly effective career planning is essential.

Reasons to plan your career

  • Stay focused on goals – Despite life’s many distractions, a career plan will help you stay focused on your goals. It’s like a map you can reference to help you navigate the detours and get back on track.
  • Develops confidence – Short- and long-terms goals are part of a comprehensive career plan. When you reach each goal, it will increase your confidence and motivate you to advance to the next phase.
  • Promotes growth – Planning your career includes identifying the skills you need to enhance or develop to become more marketable, productive, or efficient. Your participation in training or continuing education promotes personal and professional growth. The satisfaction you’ll feel will help you recognize the value of your career plan.

How a career coach can help

Build a career on your strength and talents

A career coach assists you in developing a plan based on your strengths and abilities. The guidance also helps you factor in mental, emotional, or physical demands associated with your goals so you can strategize accordingly. Although you’ll need to fill skill gaps, a strength-based plan will make the process enjoyable and motivating. And your coach will challenge and encourage you along the way.

Access an insider’s guide to the best resources

A career coach is an expert at introducing you to specific techniques, tools, and resources targeted for your career plan. Your search for apps, classes, or networking groups will be efficient.

Adapt to changing circumstances

Circumstances change. You might need to add, remove, or adjust some of your goals. Your career coach will support and encourage you and help you stay balanced as you make decisions and adapt to change.

Terawatt’s approach to career coaching

Terawatt offers online career-coaching sessions in a group setting. You can find a coach with courses to support your professional growth and help you plan your career. Group courses have several advantages:

  • You can enjoy them in the comfort of your home.
  • Our sessions are live and allow you to ask questions and learn from others.
  • They are less expensive than one-on-one coaching.

Visit our Courses page to find topics that match your interests and career goals.

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