Did you know that a Terawatt is a unit of energy equal to one trillion watts? That’s a lot of energy.

And that’s why we named our mastermind marketplace “Terawatt”. Because it’s designed to harness the collective power of groups to light up your business. Simply put: we make the magic of coaching affordable for all of your employees, not just the C-Suite. We’ve designed Terawatt for THREE groups of key players…

Passionate professionals looking for:

  • Life-changing coaching delivered in digestible bits
  • Feedback about strengths, talents and best practices
  • Access to professional networks and like-minded friends
  • Insight into how to incorporate wellness with excellence at work
  • An authentic relationship (in-real-time questions, answers and feedback) with a vetted coach
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Supportive HR Leaders who seek:

  • Customized and affordable professional development
  • Wellness and mental health support for their employees
  • Hard and soft skills development across disciplines
  • All the benefits that come from human connection (retention, engagement, innovation)
  • One-stop-shopping for professional development across your organization
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Top-notch coaches who are looking for:

  • Motivated clients from companies across the country and the world
  • An opportunity to focus on what you love—coaching—without having to market yourself.
  • A camera-ready virtual experience. We’ll take care of all your tech needs.
  • Total flexibility to teach what you want to teach, when you want to teach it
  • A dynamic mastermind experience with not just one—but several—smart clients working on your material together
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Terawatt is similar to some great companies you may have heard of, but oh, so different. Here’s how:



ETSY is an online marketplace connecting small-batch makers with buyers.

We’re also an online marketplace, connecting great coaches with people who need coaching but who might not know where to start.

COURSERA offers recorded online courses to help employees gain “hard” skills.

We also help employees level up, but through live masterminds. Our classes happen in real-time, allowing participants to ask questions and get feedback in the moment.

MASTERCLASS connects famous experts with the rest of us to help us learn their craft.

We connect amazing and VETTED (if not famous) coaches to help employees improve their lives at work and beyond. And Terawatt’s masterminds happen in real-time so you can develop relationships with these actual people.

UDEMY offers “the world’s largest selection of courses” and they’re all recorded.

We offer a handful of amazing masterminds and they’re all virtual and live. Real, live people talking to your employees, who then have the ability to respond in real time.

FRANKLIN COVEY is one of the best known coaching companies for corporate sponsors—in person and virtual. All of their courses grow out of the famous book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

What our coaches have in common is that we believe they have developed thoughtful content and have a history of helping clients. And we, like them, have eclectic taste! Hence, we’re a marketplace of coaches with different vibes and styles. Find the one that suits you.

BETTER UP brings coaching, strategy, and support to individuals across organizations through a mobile app.

We believe in live human interactions between expert coaches and employees. And we make it affordable through one simple tweak to the traditional model: groups share the cost.

TALK SPACE offers unlimited online therapy, via subscription.

We don’t offer therapy or make connections to doctors, but we believe that good coaching can be transformative.

LINKED-IN LEARNING offers recorded skills courses, able to be accessed at any time.

We’re kind of old-fashioned in that we believe in the power of human connection. That’s why all of our classes are conducted via Zoom or another real time, using easy-to-use video-call software. Our belief is that humans learn best through real-time conversations, asking questions and making connections in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is our twist on traditional one-to-one coaching. Led by an expert coach, a mastermind is group coaching in a series of sessions. We love the mastermind model because it makes more coaching available to more people in your organization. All Terawatt coaches are vetted for unique content and demonstrated results to ensure every mastermind series taught by every coach on Terawatt is valuable, transformative and leads to lasting change.

How can Terawatt help my employees?

Your employees need support and Terawatt makes coaching easy and affordable. We take the hard and costly part out of coaching, and we leave in what makes coaching so helpful—making meaningful change.

Specifically, we host live, group online masterminds with talented and vetted (by us) coaches. What this means is that we find great coaches for you, and we help them create impactful masterminds for people across your organization.

In other words, you choose the group—a team, a cohort, a management level—and you choose a mastermind that meets their needs and offers personalized, in-real-time feedback and guidance.

Our goal is to make it easy and affordable to hire an external coach for your employees.

Why is Terawatt a good fit for my coaching business?

We know you already have a great coaching business and amazing content. You love to help people make meaningful change their lives. But maybe you don’t want to spend your time marketing?

We want to bring more people to you for masterminds. And if a Terawatt mastermind client wants to hire you for one-on-one coaching, great! That’s the idea. We want to be your resource for lead generation.

In addition, we want to provide a virtual set up that mimics how you currently conduct your business. You decide the content, class times, attendance maximum, and market rate, and structure of series.

You tell us what you want to offer, and we’ll do our best to find a group that will benefit from your expertise.

Why sign up for an online mastermind instead of hiring my own coach?

We’re so glad you asked!

First of all, Terawatt’s online masterminds are designed to be group experiences, which has many benefits. Not only will you be able to split the cost of an amazing coach with your colleagues, but you get the added value of all that in-real-time spark that only happens when a group of people go back and forth, solving problems, creating solutions.

In other words, you get more for less.

What Is Online Coaching, Anyway?

Online coaching is the opportunity to receive professional support through a computer or mobile device—a tablet, iPad, or smartphone—that has an internet connection. It’s easy and convenient, and it can save you time and money.

Types of Online Coaching: You can receive online coaching for many of the same services offered when you meet a coach in person. As we’ve all learned during the Covid 19 pandemic, you don’t have to leave home to connect to others and receive support! Here are just some of the ways you can get professional support:

– Life – Family, finances, lifestyle, religion, or other personal concerns
– Wellness – Nutrition, exercise, therapy, lifestyle, or other health-related issues
– Sports – Athletic training, physical conditioning, sports nutrition
– Small business – Starting, running, and sustaining a thriving business
– Executive – Senior leadership and executive professional development
– Career – Professional growth and development, including soft and hard skills

Why choose online vs. in-person coaching?

If there’s a silver lining to the global pandemic, it’s that we know through experience, that technology can reliably and easily help us connect and communicate.

– Location – No travel required. You can receive coaching at home or the location of your choice. And get comfortable. Take your shoes off, grab a snack or a cup of coffee or tea, and let the learning begin.
– Convenience – You can choose classes that are convenient for you—and when you’re at your best for learning.
– Affordability – Online group sessions are more affordable than one-on-one coaching. It saves you money and increases opportunities to take more classes.
– Interaction – You’ll be able to talk with your coach, participate in activities, and learn from fellow students.

Who Can Benefit from Masterminds and Online Coaching?

The question is really—who can’t benefit?!
Online coaching and masterminds have value for everyone involved.

Who Are Terawatt Coaches?

Terawatt partners with professional coaches to ensure you receive affordable online coaching of the highest quality. Our application process for each coach includes an interview, a thorough vetting process, and a careful review of the coach’s expertise and course offerings.

Regardless of your profession, you’ll be able to choose a coach to match your needs and interests. Our coaches have varied backgrounds and perspectives.

– Psychology
– Human Resources
– Arts and Sciences
– Business
– Marketing
– Journalism

Meet them on our Coaches page.

What Types of Masterminds are Available?

One of the things everyone loves about Terawatt’s marketplace is that our masterminds are as diverse as our coaches. And even better, if you have a topic in mind but don’t see it here, you can request it!
Examples of our mastermind offerings include:
– Leadership – Analyze, develop, and enhance your leadership skills.
– Career focus – Create a strategy to navigate obstacles and stay focused on your career goals.
– Communication skills – Practice and master techniques to manage conflict or effectively negotiate and influence during meetings, presentations, or cold calls.
– Self-improvement – Discover ways to manage stress, be more mindful, organize your life, and overcome your fears or negative thinking.
– Special feature: Request a Class – If you’re looking for a career coaching course that Terawatt doesn’t offer yet, requesting it is simple. Give us the details on our Request a Class form, and we’ll make it happen.