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Tracy Leonard

About Career Coach Tracy Leonard

Tracy's passion for children to have healthy connections and access to resources led her to the creation of Safe Spaces  ( Safe Spaces is here to help create systems of safety for everybody, everywhere by creating resilient families, resilient communities and resilient organizations.  Through her workshops and coaching, you can learn how to make all of your spaces safe for children through the creation of policies, operational standards, and clear expectations to all stakeholders. Parents will also be able to weed through all of the parenting advice that is out there in order to prioritize what their child needs and what is best for their family.
Tracy is an Authorized Facilitator and Certified Instructor with Darkness to Light,, a child sexual abuse prevention organization and holds an MA in Organizational Consulting from the University of the Rockies, an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a BA from Albion College.