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Akanke Adefunmi

About Career Coach Akanke Adefunmi

I help them gain self-mastery so they can improve their performance and productivity, build confidence, and increase calm. 

I work with ambitious women who feel overwhelmed, stuck in self-doubt, out of balance, and uncertain about what's next for them.

I've been helping women transform their lives for 10 years. I'm a certified coach, professional spiritual practitioner, host of the radio show The Empowered Woman With Akanke, creator of Purpose. Balance. Power: Unlocking the Secrets to Balance, Success and Sanity for the Professional Woman, and I'm the founder of Claim Your Shero.

I equip my clients with the systems, practices and tools they need to take purposeful, courageous and balanced action so they can achieve Next Level results at work and in their personal lives.

I'm a divorced mom of 2, martial artist alongside my son, and I'm currently taking hip hop dance classes with my daughter.