Is Texting Effective with a Coach?

Is Texting Effective with a Coach?

Texting is a means of quick and accessible communication. But is it effective with a coach? If you’ve invested in a career coach, you understand the importance of professional development. What’s the best way to communicate and get the most from your coaching experience?

When is texting okay?

Texting with friends is not the same as texting with your career coach. There are times when texting might be appropriate. And it’s usually for quick clarification that doesn’t require ongoing conversation. Some examples include:

  • Confirming the date and time of a meeting
  • Verifying a website address or the name of a tool or resource you need for career development
  • Scheduling a time for conversation
  • Quick, necessary communication if you’re in an area where talking on mobile devices is prohibited

Advantages of talking to your coach instead of texting

Texting inhibits meaningful conversation. When you need to establish or maintain a relationship with someone, there are several advantages of talking instead of texting.

  • Misunderstandings - Text messages lack eye contact, tone of voice, and facial expression. Although you can’t see someone during a phone call, you can hear their tone of voice. A video chat removes these shortcomings.
  • Limitations – Text messages work best for brief, straightforward discussions. If you speak with your career coach instead of texting, you can ask questions, discuss strategy, and explain complex issues. Your coach will likely have questions, and so will you. You’ll save time and frustration if you speak with your coach instead of texting.
  • Impersonal contact - Your career coach wants to build a relationship of trust with you. Trust isn’t built through text messaging. When you talk or video chat with your coach, you can hear their tone of voice or see facial expressions. It helps you establish a better relationship. When you trust your coach, you can express yourself naturally and be confident that he or she is interested in your success.
  • Distractions - Have you ever been distracted and forgotten to text someone, finish what you were typing, or respond to their message? A phone call or video chat with your coach will help you avoid distractions and complete your conversation.

Although texting is useful, our group classes are one to two hours in length. Communicating through text messages only would hinder verbal expression and peer learning. We recruit high-quality coaches whose research-based teaching styles get results for them and their students.

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