How To Become a Life Coach with Terawatt

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Become a Life Coach with Terawatt

Do you love helping people? Are you intuitive and evoke revolutionary transformations in individuals? Being a life coach means that you know people are not broken but are creative and resourceful. Honing in on someone’s strengths and developing them is a special talent. So, what exactly is a life coach?

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What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is an individual that is talented in bringing out the best in you and putting you on the right path. They are very intuitive and listen well to people’s needs. They are observant and look for cues in people’s body language to tell them more about an individual. Most life coaches are certified, which keeps them up to date with new methodologies. As you can imagine, a lot of scientific research has gone into being a successful life coach.

For example, the Coach Training Institute (CTI) helps coaches find out who they are, what they do, and the connection between the two. In general, this is what CTI teaches (the Co-Active Model):

  • There are four cornerstones of the Co-Active Model:
    • People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole – they are not broken and don’t need fixing. They know what’s best for them
    • Dance in this moment – dealing with any situation in the relationship
    • Focus on the whole person instead of focusing on a specific challenge or opportunity
    • Evoke transformation –the calling forth of radical changes instead of gradual changes. The best life coaches can arouse significant alterations within people.
  • Five contexts overlaying the cornerstones
    • Curiosity – don’t judge and leave out your opinions. Be truly curious
    • Listening – focus on the person and their emotions while they speak
    • Intuition – use your inner-wisdom and life experiences
    • Deepen/forward – understand and put thoughts into action. Only through action does change occur
    • Self-management – drop opinions and judgments to remain in powerful contact and communication
  • The contexts connect through Designed Alliance, which is a constant and refreshing set of agreements about how a relationship is built.
  • 3 Principles that are at the heart of the model
    • Fulfillment – which is about vision and the exploration and implementation of what makes us happy
    • Balance – how we see every situation and explore other alternatives before making a decision
    • Process – be with the full range of our emotions to remain resilient through all circumstances.

As we can see, life coaching is a science and is based on sound research. If you are a life coach, you know all these concepts. Are you a successful life coach? Becoming a better life coach means that you are perhaps becoming more expensive and exclusive. But didn’t you want to become a life coach to help as many people as you can? Well, Terawatt can help you do that.


life coach, mentor, group video, how to become a life coachGroup Video Coaching

It’s fair to say that mostly corporations and the affluent have access to the elite life coaches. What if you can spread that cost over many individuals? Not only will you retain your price, but you will help more people achieve their goals. Moreover, you will be able to get your name out to more individuals than you would with one-on-one relationships.

Even though your life coach training and certifications are based on one-on-one relationships, this is your opportunity to develop your course to benefit as many people as possible. Research has shown that collaborative learning, for example through group video coaching, can increase the pace of learning new concepts and understanding them better.

Benefits to Group Video Coaching

Today’s technology allows us to communicate across the globe instantly. Platforms like Zoom, facilitate large groups of people to collaborate and interact. Zoom even allows “breakout rooms” for you to focus on a smaller group or groups within a class. This video platform also gives you scale. Instead of coaching one person for an hour, you are coaching many. This can also lead to separate one-on-one opportunities, again, getting your name and personal brand out there.

Become a Coach with Terawatt

Terawatt was first started to help women achieve the goal of changing careers affordably. The reasons for them wanting a career change could be divorce or other life-altering events. Terawatt would facilitate the achievement of their goals through group video classes and peer groups. However, no Terawatt wants to expand and offer courses for everyone that is thinking of a career change at any point in their life. You can be one of our life coaches helping people achieve their goals of a career change.

With Terawatt, you will have the freedom to develop your own curriculum and run the course the way you want to. Students will have the opportunity to rate the course and mentors for others to see. This way, you are getting honest feedback about your coaching style and the effectiveness of your communication. If you would like to explore the opportunity of becoming a life coach/Mentor with Terawatt, contact us here.

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