Human Resources Teams: How Online Career Coaching Helps Employees

Human Resources Teams: How Online Career Coaching Helps Employees

If you’re a human resource professional, Terawatt offers professional development for your company’s employees through online career coaching. Our live group sessions make professional development more accessible and more affordable than one-on-one coaching.

Online career coaching guides employees through the process of soft and hard skills that make them more efficient, resourceful, and productive as individual and team members. At Terawatt, we vet top coaches to ensure your employees have access to high-quality professional coaching.

Benefits of supporting your employees’ career development

Terawatt will match you with career coaches and live group courses for your employees that align with your business goals.

When your company supports career development for its employees, the return on investment will be rewarding and impressive. Consider six benefits:

  • Address skills shortages – Online group coaching improves team collaboration as employees develop soft skills. Your employees will also learn how to find resources that help them affordably acquire hard skills and stay on a path of continuous learning.
  • Increase productivity – Professional development increases employee engagement and productivity. According to a Gallup December 2019 article on high-performance workplaces, organizations that invest in employee development report an 11 percent increase in productivity.
  • Reduce turnover – Professional development through online coaching can help reduce your company’s turnover rate. The above-mentioned Gallup December 2019 article also shows that retention rates are likely to double in organizations that invest in employee development.
  • Remain competitive – Your company needs to keep pace with its competitors. But your employees also want to remain competitive in the job market—not merely with their pay rate, but also with their skillset.
  • Reduce costs – Training Magazine’s 2019 Training Industry Report reveals that in 2019, companies spent an average of $1,286 per learner for employee development. In contrast, the cost of losing and replacing an employee is one-half to twice the cost of the employee’s salary.
  • Align development with business needs – Your company can choose online courses that align with the current and future needs of your business. As your company anticipates its needs, Terawatt will partner with you to match your employees with coaches that will prepare your them to help your company meet its goals.

Ways to create a career-growth culture in your organization

Terawatt’s group coaching sessions are more affordable than one-on-one coaching sessions—saving money for your employees and your company.

Below are a few ways to promote career growth in your organization. We encourage you to collaborate with your HR team for more ideas.

  • Encourage leaders to meet with their teams to encourage professional growth and inform them of the opportunities through Terawatt.
  • Consider ways to organize initiatives for teams to identify skill gaps and request the types of courses they want.
  • Inform employees of professional development reimbursement programs that your company offers.
  • Spread the word. Talk to anyone—and everyone—in your organization. Let them know the HR team and your company want to make employee development a priority.

How to get started

Terawatt partners with expert vetted coaches who provide live online group courses. Your company’s employees will sign up on our website and enroll in courses for dates and times that are convenient for them. If you’re a human resource professional and would like information on requesting courses for your company, call us at (800) 370-7574 or send an e-mail to contact at

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