Coaches: How Does Terawatt Online Career Coaching Work?

Coaches: How Does Terawatt Online Career Coaching Work?

Terawatt is an online marketplace for live, virtual coaching. If you’re an experienced coach and interested in joining Terawatt, we welcome you to sign up. Our coaches are independent contractors—not Terawatt employees. So, if clients from your courses ask you for one-on-one coaching, you’re free to extend your services to them.

How to become a career coach with Terawatt

Terawatt is a destination for all great coaches. Just as our clients have diverse backgrounds, we value the diversity of our coaches:

  • Coaching school graduates
  • Psychologists
  • Industry and experienced experts

Although the expertise of coaches can overlap, we view it as an asset. Our marketplace provides opportunities for coaches and clients to network and collaborate. We partner with coaches who believe they can help a group of people improve their job performance and who demonstrate core qualities for effective coaching:

  • Caring
  • Impactful
  • Insightful
  • Thoughtful

Our vetting process

After you sign up, the vetting process takes about two weeks. Go to our home page and click the Become a Coach button. Or visit our Sign Up page and click Sign Up as a Coach.

  • After we review your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview via video conferencing.
  • We will evaluate your:

    • Website
    • Course content
    • LinkedIn and social media accounts
    • Proprietary work
    • Referrals, if applicable
  • After we complete the vetting process, we'll ask you to propose online courses.
  • We will review your proposals and confirm the approved courses. We accept most courses.
  • You’ll provide the course name, dates, and price. We might advise you on timing, cost, or other logistics.
  • We will list your course on our website for clients to sign up.

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