How Does Career Coaching Work?

How Does Career Coaching Work?

A career coach guides and supports you in establishing a professional development plan, setting career goals, and identifying and overcoming obstacles to your progress. At Terawatt, our career coaches are professionals that offer online group courses that are convenient and more affordable than one-on-one sessions.

Can you trust a career coach?

Successful career coaches are experienced professionals who have insight into human behavior and the issues that can prevent you from reaching your full potential. Coaches have different backgrounds, including:

  • Executives
  • HR Professionals
  • Psychologists

We carefully review the background and experience of our career coaches—and their course offerings—before the courses are made available to you. You will receive high-quality training from experts.

What can you expect?

Our career coaches hold each live online course in a group setting. You can schedule a session on a date and time that are convenient for you. And you'll have the convenience of accessing the course from your laptop or mobile device at home or the quiet location of your choice.

Courses are available to help you develop soft skills and to connect you with tools and resources for acquiring or enhancing your hard skills. Visit our Courses page to get the following information:
  • Description and cost
  • Date, time, and length
  • Information about the coach
Advantages of online group coaching
  • It’s more affordable than one-on- one coaching
  • Live sessions allow you to learn from others
  • You’ll have opportunities to network with other students
  • You can decide if you need one-on-one coaching

Professional development

After you attend an online career coaching course and implement the recommendations from your coach, you can expect professional growth and increased job satisfaction. You’ll become more productive and effective in the workplace—in the way you communicate, manage your time, set goals, and more.

What students say

You can expect the same high-quality training that our coaches’ students have experienced. Below are some of the ways they described their online career coaching experience:

  • Clear and actionable content
  • Warm, understanding, and positive support
  • Responsive
  • Forthcoming to provide real live situations
  • Friendly and personal
  • A course agenda set clear expectations

How can you get started?

You can sign up from the home page of our website without cost or obligation. Before selecting a course, you can learn more about our career coaches by visiting our Coaches page. Familiarize yourself with our experts by accessing the following information:

  • Individual coach photos
  • Experience, training, and credentials
  • Links to each coach’s website or social media pages
  • Course offerings
  • Reviews

Are you ready to accelerate your career growth? Sign up as a student with Terawatt.

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