How Do Adults Learn Best from a Coach?

How Do Adults Learn Best from a Coach?

Adult learning styles differ from the way children learn. Children soak in what they are told. And with minimal life experience to reference, their questions are often limited to, “Why?” But how do adults learn best from a career coach?

Career coaching and adult learning style


Adults have life experience. They need to know how the information presented relates to their past, present, and future. If an adult can't relate to a topic, it's unlikely that you'll be able to keep their interest. As they receive instruction, adults often relate it to what they already know.


The purpose of a subject should be clear from the beginning of instruction. Otherwise, an adult mind can wonder:

  • Why are we discussing this?
  • Am I wasting my time?
  • Isn’t there a more appealing topic to discuss?

When the purpose of instruction is clear and adult learners can ask questions and clarify thought, they become more confident about the value of the subject.


Information is useful if we understand when and how to apply it. Adults value real-life examples of how they can use what they just learned. If they can visualize the examples, they are more likely to remember them and implement solutions.


Most people welcome information that helps them have successful careers. The desire for success is what motivates many adults to further their formal education or participate in continuing education. But in adulthood, when life is so busy, we want to learn things that benefit us in several ways:

  • Simplify tasks
  • Increase efficiency
  • Effectively solve problems
  • Confidently make decisions

Career coaching can help.

Benefits of live career coaching

Live career coaching lets adults learn their way. Online group classes provide opportunities for adults to ask questions, learn from others in the group, and solidify their understanding. Terawatt offers online career coaching in a group setting. It’s more affordable than one-on-one coaching, and you can attend in the comfort of your home.


Many employers reimburse employees for professional development. Ask your HR team if career coaching courses are an eligible expense.

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