Professionals: How Can Career Coaching Help You?

Professionals: How Can Career Coaching Help You?

Career coaching helps you maximize your efforts to develop professionally. A career coach will show you how to effectively make transitions into new roles, develop skills that can lead to a promotion, or find fulfillment and satisfaction in your current job. Terawatt offers online group career coaching as a convenient and affordable alternative to one-on-one coaching.

Transition to a new job role

A new role often includes more responsibility. Your transition will be smoother with the help of a career coach. You’ll receive expert guidance in many areas including:

  • Motivating and supporting your team
  • Negotiating agreement and resolving conflicts
  • Learning how to respond to issues and challenges
  • Improving verbal and non-verbal communication

Enhance your skills

Did You Know?

With Terawatt’s live online group coaching, you can:

  • Ask questions
  • Learn from others
  • Schedule classes when it’s convenient for you
  • Save money vs. the cost of one-on-one coaching

According to Talent Board's 2018 North American Candidate Experience Research Report, 60 percent of employers use advanced technology to assess prospective candidates for personality and culture fit. An online career coach will show you tools and resources that help you develop soft skills that get noticed.

  • Leadership – A good leader is enthusiastic, supportive, and personable. You will earn more respect as your direct reports see your ability to clarify roles and responsibilities, delegate and show trust, or share in getting the work done to meet demands or deadlines.
  • Teamwork – Willingness to cooperate, negotiate, and welcome ideas are essential to the success of a business. Your online career coach will help you identify any personal challenges you might have in collaborating on team projects.
  • Empathy – Lack of empathy is a barrier to effective communication. It takes time and patience to develop it. But your team members need to sense that you have it and that you are a willing, active listener.
  • Problem-solving – If you are an innate problem solver, this strength prepares you to navigate issues and propose resolutions. But if you're working with others, problem-solving skills must be balanced with teamwork. Whether or not you're good at problem-solving, your career coach can advise you on how to develop or enhance this ability.

Find satisfaction in your current job

Most companies reimburse employees for professional development. Contact your human resources department for more information.

Not everyone wants a job change. But it's important to find fulfillment in your current role and avoid burnout. An online career coach can help you in several ways:

  • Identify your strengths – Although rewards and recognition from an employer are encouraging, it's essential for you to be convinced of the importance and value of your work. You will learn how to establish and sustain a network of colleagues for mutual support.
  • Find motivation – Whether it’s continuing education, taking a vacation, setting personal goals, or changing your perspective, your online career coach will help you find meaningful ways to stay motivated.
  • Manage your time well – You will receive tips and tools to beat procrastination, set boundaries, and list priorities so you can be productive and avoid unnecessary frustration.
  • Achieve work-life balance – Taking a closer look at your work style and your lifestyle will help you identify areas that are out of balance. Your online career coach will guide you through the process and give you tips on how to achieve and maintain balance.

You can enroll in live group coaching from Terawatt and schedule classes for a time that’s convenient for you. Check out our online courses and register today!

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