How Are Career Coaches Different from Life or Executive Coaches?

How Are Career Coaches Different from Life or Executive Coaches?

Career coaches, executive coaches, and life coaches all guide people toward reaching their full potential. But how do they differ?

Career coaches

Career coaches provide guidance and support related to your career. They help you strategize, and they direct you to tools and resources that can enhance your professional development in several ways:

  • Career planning
  • Soft skills development
  • Psychological support

Although your coach will give you career guidance, you will also discuss how your personal life is affecting your work performance and impacting your career goals. Analyzing your personal life and responsibilities at home can help you set realistic goals.

Executive coaches

An executive coach is a highly skilled, successful business professional who supports executives of large corporations. Some of the ways executive coaches assist include:

  • Identifying strengths, as well as skill gaps
  • Sharpening interpersonal skills and determining if there are traits that inhibit your effectiveness
  • Managing stress
  • Developing proficiency in prioritizing projects and delegating responsibility

Life coaches

A life coach helps you in every area of your personal life and career. If you need support or guidance with issues involving your family, friends, finances, education, or religion, a life coach helps you explore and discover which steps to take for:

  • Setting goals
  • Making changes
  • Learning to adapt
  • Maintaining authenticity in every aspect of life

How do the costs differ?

The cost of coaching depends on several factors, including the type of coaching, experience and credentials of the coach, geographic location, and clientele.

2019 U.S. averages for coaching services

  • Executive coaching – $400 per hour. Depending on the level of the executive, fees can reach or exceed $3500 per hour.
  • Career coaching - $250 per hour
  • Life coaching - $200 per hour

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