Founder Profiles

Terawatt makes it easy to be great at your job. To help facilitate knowledge and share best practices, we profile interesting entrepreneurs who discuss hurdles and solutions to their businesses. Every business has a story and insights to share.



On Being & Finding True Pioneers

A Conversation with Catarina Schwab, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of NPX, Inc.

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How To Turn Personal Experience into a Consulting Practice

A Conversation with Lindsay Terry-Lloyd, Founder of KLIMB Consulting

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Launching an Affordable, Community-Connected & Safe Cosmetics Company

A Conversation with Shawanda Vickers, Founder & CEO of SHOO, LLC

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Building a Life and a Brand Together

Conversation with Lauren Belden, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Cultivator of Belden Barns Farmstead & Winery

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Footed Pajamas Save Lives

Conversation with Sarah Bennison Machiels, Founder, Bennison™

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Using Sleep Deprivation & the Scientific Method

Conversation with Charisse Swartzburg, Founder & Dreamer in Chief, iDreamBest, LLC

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Healthy & Mission-Driven

Conversation with Kristin Richmond, Chairman & CEO, Revolution Foods

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Finding A Niche & Shining a Light

Conversation with Tereska James, President & Founder, Brown Skin Too Foundation

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On Not Feeding Trolls & Saying Yes to Yourself

Conversation with Deva Dalporto, Founder of MyLifeSuckers

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