Terawatt for Students

How can Terawatt help me?

Terawatt aims to make coaching easier and more affordable. We take the hard and costly part out of coaching, and we leave in what makes coaching so helpful—making meaningful change.

Specifically, we host live, group video classes with talented and vetted career & life coaches. What this means is that we find great coaches, and we help them create impactful group classes for people everywhere.

For students, our goal is to make it easier to hire a coach and to be a trusted matchmaker.

Because they are more affordable than one-on-one sessions. Group classes means that you can work with some of the best coaches out there. Plus, it means that if you are considering one-on-one coaching, you can test out the coaches first.
Because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. And, because you can connect to excellent coaches who don’t live near you.
So that you can ask questions, and so that everyone can learn from each other in real time. It’s possible that you may even make a friend or two.

At some point everyone needs a guide to create real change.

  • Maybe you are looking to switch careers. Coaching can help with that.
  • Maybe you are looking to get a big promotion and jet out of a sleepy career track. Coaching can help with that.
  • Maybe you aren’t working after an extended absence. Further, you have low confidence in how to tell your story and which of your abilities are marketable. Coaching can help with that.
  • Maybe you are experiencing a life change such as divorce or death, and you need help with moving forward or finding a new path. Coaching can help with that.

For so many reasons!

Terawatt solicits user reviews from coaches so you aren’t hiring a coach without having a sense of his or her expertise and demeanor or what his or her classes are like. Our reviews help winnow down exactly what you want and give you confidence that the money you spend for guidance is going to be well spent. All reviews are our website are written by an actual person who took the class with that coach.

Terawatt makes coaching so much more affordable because group sessions are by definition more affordable than one-on-one coaching. If a coach is offering a session with twenty students, that will always be more affordable than a session with one student.

Terawatt makes it easy. We are a kind of one-stop shop for finding vetted, excellent coaches.

Plus, all we do is connect people looking for coaching. We don’t try to selling you anything else—not a job, no advertising, etc. We just hope to be the catalyst for your most desired life change.

We have a 72 hour (3 day) cancellation policy before the class. This is so that we can fill the spot should you decide to cancel.

If you need to talk to us about a problem with a class or cancellation fee, contact [email protected]

Let us know! We are always looking to serve our students better. What better way than receiving suggestions for a type of class or coach? Email us: Fjain at Terawatt dot com.

Terawatt for Coaches

Why is Terawatt good for my business?

Because we want you to have a great business and help people far and wide. Terawatt seeks to be a matchmaker between coaches and students, helping to elevate everyone’s game.

We want to bring more people to you for group classes. If a Terawatt group class client wants to hire you for one-on-one coaching, go for it. Feel free to work directly with Terawatt group clients off our website. We only care about group classes. We hope to be your resource for client lead generation and group class administration.

In addition, we want to provide a virtual set up that mimics how you currently conduct your business. You decide the: content, class times, attendance maximum, cost per person, and length of session/series. We hope to be exactly what you would design for yourself.

If you would like to add a feature, contact Francie Jain, Terawatt’s founder, fjain at nxt-chpt dot com. Odds are, we will add it!

It's pretty easy. Sign up as a coach on the home page. Once you are approved, you can propose classes.

We ask that coaches propose classes so that we can review them before they go live. This is for a variety of reasons related to keeping the class quality high and setting you up for success.

A portion of the gross value of the class goes to Terawatt for administration and marketing costs, but you keep the rest. Once you register as a coach, we can go into greater detail on the costs and options.

If you're a successful life coach, Terawatt gives you the opportunity to develop courses that benefit as many people as possible. And group coaching can lead to one-on-one opportunities. Read our page, How to Become a Life Coach with Terawatt, then see the main menu on this website to sign up as a coach and start the application process.


How do I change my password?

Simply select “change my password” in the Settings section in your Portal. Once you do that, a temporary password will be generated and sent to the email address on file.

  • If you are having trouble with the website, please contact [email protected]
  • For any regular course of business questions and concerns, please contact: [email protected]
  • If you would like to speak directly to our founder Francie Jain, please email fjain at Terawatt dot com.
Terawatt is meant to be a safe and supportive environment. Inappropriate behavior may lead to expulsion from the website. If you experience behavior that is anything other than supportive, please write us a note at fjain at Terawatt dot com about your experience. We will address your concerns immediately.

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