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1. What problem is your business solving and/or how is your business making life better? What is your product?

My business Hello Divorce is lowering the cost, conflict, and stress associated with divorce by making the legal process easier to manage and a whole lot cheaper.

2. Has the coronavirus quarantine affected your business, and if so, how?

Well, unfortunately, the coronavirus quarantine has increased the rate of divorce — many couples that were already struggling have decided to end their relationship.

Regardless of the demand for our services, our goal is to minimize the cost of divorce and conflict between spouses — especially for people with kids. We aim to be a resource that can help divorcing partners transition out of marriage and into a productive co-parenting relationship.

3. Have working from home and/or the social distancing guidelines affected your productivity or your company? How?

Our company was already working remotely, but many of us met weekly for an in-person lunch meeting. Since we can no longer do that, we have looked for other ways to build morale.

I had expected productivity to be down, given that we all have kids at home, but actually, we have all managed to stay productive. Even with wildly different schedules, we have kept up the productivity.  In some ways, it’s worked out better for our customers because we’ve been available to connect at off-hours since we find ourselves working at night more.

Since March, morale has been pretty good. But, over the last two weeks, we have all struggled. I think what is making it harder is the added stress of not knowing when coronavirus restrictions will end and how we will simultaneously manage distance learning for our kids and working from home.

4. What tools have you been using while working from home that you have found effective?

Slack is our number one way to stay connected because everyone is working different hours. We have been using Asana for project management, which has been helpful, especially with the Slack integration.

Other than that, we have relied on the tech we were already using. My favorites are VoIP messaging and phone system (Vonage), Canva for graphics, Contento for social media, Quickbooks Online, Podio, Zapier, and the web application we built, Divorce Navigator.

5. What have been the silver linings for you and your business?

My daughters have definitely grown closer to each other, and as a family, we have done a lot more outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking.

As far as the business, more people seem to be choosing cost-effective options, so we are seeing more usage of our Divorce Navigator, which is a set of “DIY” divorce forms with optional add-on legal advice services. This influx in orders utilizing our software has really tested our systems and allowed us to innovate in new and creative ways to continue to bring down the cost without sacrificing the quality of legal help.

Date of interview: Summer, 2020



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