The Best Ways to Stay Motivated

What Motivates You?

Defining your motivation is a very humbling and clarifying act when trying to strive towards your goals. You may find yourself with a laundry list of things that don’t motivate you and struggling to find the true source of motivation at all. For instance, money is not always a factor. There are sales sharks who get all churned up by the hunt of the next dollar and then there are those who value the peace and serenity of lying in the shade and slowly plucking flower petals one by one.

Categorizing your tasks for maximum motivation
Defining your motivation is a very humbling and clarifying act when trying to strive towards your goals.

Now, you obviously don’t have to fit directly into these categories, but if you don’t know what type of worker personality you’ve got, you may not be optimizing your motivation. Keep things simple here, but don’t be afraid to explore why the achievement of a goal would truly make you happy. Is it the praise and admiration you’ll get from others? Maybe the big payout that will help you buy the things you want? Or is it a skill set you’ll earn that will help you get through life a little easier?

Categorizing Activities

Is your “unfinished” list just longer than your “completed” list? In the hustle and bustle, go-go-go world, that seems to be a commonality. And while a lot of those projects that are still in the works hit some pretty definite roadblocks; Some of them are still incomplete merely because we lost our ambition towards them. The tragedy is, this can turn them into more of a chore to finish, rather than a seemingly worth-while accomplishment. So how do we get that mojo back? Try some of these on for size.

Ever notice that certain tasks get different categories in your head? For instance, laundry, dishes, hygiene, these all tend to be put in the “have to happen, can’t NOT happen” category. Car maintenance, mopping, or even window cleaning, are less frequent and might not fall under the “has to happen” daily categories. There’s nothing wrong with that, but, imagine you took a goal of yours from the “when I have time later” to the “can’t NOT happen” category?”


How to Prioritize for Motivation

1. Time

Emphasis of importance plays a huge role in how we schedule our time and approach tasks. Especially according to Psychologytoday.com who has some of their own tricks on how to increase healthy habits. Chores are one thing, but when we’re trying to muster up the Go-Getter attitude to properly take on some of our long lost goals in life, how you approach things mentally and with what degree of productivity are truly important.

You may also have a landmark or two that you’re trying to reach but just can’t seem to consistently strive for it. Behind that, often, is the problem of intent. Ask yourself, “Is this truly a goal of mine?” Your heart will often lead you towards good deeds that are all for the best, no negative outcomes at all. But when the finish line isn’t truly what you were after, the reason to keep running towards it can become unclear. In fact, you’ll find that when putting energy into someone else’s goals actually takes away from your own, the lack of incentive all but makes you throw in the towel completely.

2. Realistic

Being realistic about what you really want isn’t a crime, and, if you’re honest with yourself, it’s not doing any favors for those you were looking to complete the goal for, anyhow. Stay in tune with yourself on this because you’ll also find that your goals will shift and evolve. It’s ok, and sometimes necessary, to change approach, strategy, and overall target. Being mindful here is the game. Perspective is an important tool when it comes to accomplishment and fulfillment.

What about the goals that are seemingly enormous? It can seem as if there’s no right path, too many decisions to be made, and the entire process can be extremely discouraging. Even more, sometimes it’s as if the objective were given to you by Sisyphus himself. When things get daunting, break them down. To take a page right out of the mountain climbing handbook, you’ll never make it to the top in one go, but you can focus on what’s in front of you one reach at a time.

3. Achievability

By breaking goals down into smaller pieces, your ability to complete each task takes an obvious up-turn. Not to mention the confidence boost you’ll get from the consistent achievements. For some, making an achievement list works better than a task list. Sure, you’ll need a roadmap for major goals to be worked all the way through (often in checklist form) but try listing out one-by-one all the small steps you’re accomplishing on their own. This type of visual can keep the fire burning on sheer achievement value alone.

Motivation and the lack thereof can be a tricky little maze to walk through. But, if you’re willing to dedicate the time, healthy habits, and understanding of the process of each of your goals, enthusiasm is sure to follow. After all, if you’ve made it this far through the reading, you’ve already got one achievement under your belt that will jump-start you straight towards your next finish line.


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