Helpful Tools for Changing Careers

There are certainly a lot of valid reasons for someone to go on the journey of changing careers. Among the highest-ranking are goals for long-term benefits, opportunities to be consistently in demand, and the fundamental need that what you do matters. Putting your efforts into something that has an existential impact improves your overall outlook and makes you happier. That’s not to say that other changes to your career path won’t lift your spirits, however, a shift in purpose is bound to make a difference.

Changing careers is a daunting and immense transition. But, much like a long hike through a new and exciting landscape, carrying the weight of your equipment will fade as you take in the sights. Two things make this possible. One, finding joy in the journey itself. And, two, having the right tools to keep you moving forward. At Terawatt, we’re here to make your journey easier… to provide you with the joy and the tools for your trek, whether short and steep or long and gradual.

Changing Careers | Exploring Uncharted Territory

Become A Leader

With any career change, you lead your own way. And, whether you intend to or not, you’re going to wind up drawing some attention to yourself. Maybe your goal is to lead others or to be the head of a major company with hundreds of employees. On the other hand, you may want to be a lone ranger – your own boss. Regardless, personifying leadership will make you successful in profound ways. “Start with Why,” by Simon Sinek explains this idea – that leadership is the most powerful force within a company and within an individual. He draws on real-life stories that not only inspire but also encourage you to dive deep and solidify your purpose.

Follow A Path

When you’re effecting change for yourself in a major way, it’s comforting to lean on someone who is familiar with the process. Someone who has not only walked the line, but who has overseen others do it successfully… a guide for your transition, from start to finish. At Career Shifters, there’s a whole gang of them. These people are professionals at helping others make a positive change in their lives through their careers because “Life’s too short to be unhappy at work.” This talented group of individuals will show you that, not only can you do it, you’ll thrive in the process. P.S. Check out our marketplace where our coaches have classes about this very thing – changing careers!

Knowledge Is Power

Determining what an employer is looking for in a particular role is knowledge that won’t go unnoticed. Knowing this will help you understand if that role is right for you, and could even help you land the position. Understanding your inherent value in your new career is a door opening revelation, which Dawn Graham explores in her book, “Switchers, How Smart Professionals Change Careers – and Seize Success.” Whether you’re struggling with how to pinpoint what value you bring to the table, how to layout your resume in a way that displays your qualities best, or how to start the hunt itself, this book is a definite must-read. With it, you’ll gain powerful knowledge that will make you stand out as a necessary piece of the puzzle.

Go Into Overdrive

Of course, when you take on this kind of adventure you’re not planning to coast through it. Part of the reason you’re probably looking to make a change in the first place is to be wildly successful in ways that you currently aren’t. Staying pedal to the floor is easier said than done though. Sometimes a change like this can be paralyzing, however, there are plenty of resources to keep you motivated and excited about driving forward. For starters, lean on the pros at They’re more than your average, hyped-up “this could be you” blog. They provide in-depth training, professional guidance, and input from true-life experiences. They also have a lot of time behind the wheel so they’re a trusted source on the track.

While the purpose behind your career change may vary from others, everyone is approaching this transition for the same reason – purpose. We all want a job that challenges us, makes us feel important and gives us a sense of purpose. So, if you’re on this track, we applaud you! It is not an easy life change to make and not everyone will understand why you’re doing it. That being said, stick you your goals, take advantage of useful tools, and listen to those who have knowledge to share. Someday, you will look back on this period of your life and be grateful for the climb.

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