Creative Ways to Generate Leads for Your Coaching Business

Ah, the stagnant slums of marketing. It feels as though everyone’s got the same tricks and runs the same approach, right? We don’t blame you for wanting a new twist – something that will make your coaching business stand out, as well as be engaging and energetic.

Whether you’re a new coach looking for tips to generate leads or an existing coach who needs to refresh the client pool, here are some outside-the-box marketing strategies to keep yourself current, fresh, and interesting. And, therefore, get some new leads!

Give Away the Farm

Ok, ok, we don’t want you to give away the whole farm. You should be sharing valuable chunks of information though, and collecting information while doing so. Give them content that will keep them coming back for more… the keyword here is education.

Educate clients and potential clients in a way that makes you feel comfortable. This could be anywhere from PDF downloads on your website to videos on a YouTube channel. If you’re feeding your customers valuable information in the form of “here’s something you didn’t know…”, then you’re giving them a path straight back to your door. You’ll have earned their trust by sharing your knowledge, which fulfills a core need someone requires when making a purchase. Every coach has their own flavor – make sure you know what yours is. Stay organized, keep the content truly educational, and ensure it’s worth their time.

Coaching for Hire

Of course, traditional forms of marketing aren’t necessarily broken and can be great for your coaching business. From formal advertising to social media managers, there are experts out there who can help you generate leads, which allows you to focus on conversions. Outsourcing professionals can help you focus on what you’re good at. You can search for professional services on sites like Fiverr.com and Upwork.com.

On the flip side, these platforms can bring you leads as well. Post your coaching services for hire and even scroll through the listings to find people that are asking for your expertise. Don’t believe us? You’ll be surprised how often we see direct client platforms lead to ongoing, steady work. At the very least, pop over and see what your competitors are offering.

Scratch One Another’s Backs

Not all your leads will come from marketing that you’ve invested money in. Some require a network, word of mouth, and time. One sure way to generate warm leads is through a Referral Partner Network. Think about your network and how far it reaches… you definitely know other businesses and coaches who will make great partners. Use this network. Offer to refer your clients to them and in exchange, they will refer clients to you. Coordinate with them and make suggestions as to where you can assist one another.

There are plenty of apps out there to help you manage and untangle all of these professional relationships. Contacts+ lets you eliminate the hassle of doubled-up contacts on your phone and gives each one some substance behind their contact info. And, as a bonus, you can scan their business card for easy entry and sharing. Others, like Cyfe, are more CRM (Customer Relationship Management) oriented and allow you to track the last time you spoke to a contact, the projects they’ve undertaken, and when they’re due for a follow-up.

Leverage your Experience

“I’m valuable.” Say it to yourself again, “I’m valuable.” In that sentence alone there’s power. There’s a reason for your name to remain on people’s minds, and you need to believe that. You rely on professionals that were recommended to you by those you trust. And, guess what? Others see you as a valuable professional resource too, so be sure to cultivate those relationships as far as you can. To quote the great Paul McCartney, “the more you give, the more you get.”

Word of mouth is a direct reflection of your brand and people’s experience with you. Monitor these relationships and keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers are saying, as well as the trends in the industry. You can do this through a simple Twitter Search or by using sites like ReputationRefinery.com. When your coaching business is in good standing, you can expect your name and reputation to truly take you places.

Exploring the world of leads from outside your natural realm shouldn’t be scary. There are plenty of tools and how-to’s out there, not to mention proof showing that new methods can lead to successful ends. Take some fresh steps toward a different kind of marketing strategy and you may be pleasantly surprised what it can yield.

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