About Terawatt

About Terawatt

Terawatt is an online marketplace for affordable career and life coaching. We understand that change can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be hard–or lonely.

Our Mission:

We’re here to help you. Terawatt is a mission-driven organization offering inspired personal and professional transformation. We aim to make changing the trajectory of your life a whole lot easier through curated online classrooms that connect adult students to vetted coaches and subject matter experts.

Terawatt is committed to being an anti-racist company, and we stand against White Supremacy. We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Specifically, Terawatt is committed to:

  1. Hiring and promoting people of color
  2. Being a culture where every person is comfortable and welcome at work
  3. Offering every employee and partner psychological safety to be themselves and grow professionally

Our Goal:

Terawatt is democratizing access to career coaching.

Terawatt is an online marketplace that makes career coaching affordable and convenient. We are an open-access, trusted directory of vetted coaches and a platform delivering virtual group coaching. We host live, group instruction taught by vetted & talented coaches.

About Us

How can group instruction be both good and affordable? Using the power of group and peer learning.

  1. All participants are virtual
  2. Students split a coach’s market rate
  3. Every course is taught by an excellent coach committed to group learning

Our virtual group courses solve problems for three distinct groups:

  1. Professionals get access to good coaches at affordable prices.
  2. Employers use Terawatt as an employee benefit to impact retention and ROI on innovation, profitability and other company-wide growth goals.
  3. Coaches use classes for current market income and lead generation for 1:1 clients.

Why Terawatt works:

  1. Research proves that humans learn best through engagement, conversation and peer interaction. Lecture-based learning is proven to be the least effective way to learn.
  2. High speed internet enables instantaneous conversations via live video.
  3. The power of division: 300 divided by 10 is 30. Would you rather pay $300 or $30?

You can count on us for

Inspiring transformation

Valuable connection

Thoughtful support

For Coaches

For coaches and growth leaders, we provide access to a global client base. We want to serve as a trusted partner in addition to helping you grow your practice. We offer best-in-class marketplace technology to fuel your business growth and support coaches looking for additional marketing opportunities. Specialists on Terawatt also have access to an extensive coaching community to inspire their own growth and improve their performance. Because who doesn’t want to learn and get better at what they do?

For Students

For students looking for inspiration, growth and connection, Terawatt offers a safe and affordable way to take the leap. We invite you to explore a range of coaching sessions offered by vetted, best-in-class and user-rated professionals. And if you don’t see what you want, let us know! We may just go out a find a great coach for you.

Francie Jain

About the founder

I’ve always been a connector of people, so building communities comes naturally to me. I love seeing the spark from an initial meeting and the magic that unfolds as a result of connection. Terawatt is all about the connections, collaborations and the growth that comes from expert coaching.I don’t know about you, but in my experience most people find change to be scary and overwhelming. And if it isn’t hard enough to figure out big changes in one’s own life, oftentimes our support systems—friends and family—can inadvertently make the concerns scarier. I built Terawatt for my friends who were considering a return to work, but who felt overwhelmed with where to start and how to find affordable counseling. Hopefully Terawatt can help you too.Before launching Terawatt, I spent the better part of my career in financial services raising capital for alternative investment managers. While I loved aspects of the role, I wanted to be more connected to my professional mission.You often hear people say that they have the best job in the world because it doesn’t feel like work. That’s how I feel as an entrepreneur. I’m having the best time making Terawatt a great resource for both students and coaches. I hope you find our website to be a great resource for all of your growth needs as well.

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