A mastermind marketplace for your employees

Because everyone deserves a good coach.

Terawatt’s masterminds make expert coaching affordable to all of your employees—not just the C-Suite. Instead of hiring new employees, why not coach the ones you’re with?

Terawatt is a values-driven company. We believe:

  1. Group dynamics solve problems

  2. Individual growth empowers the collective

  3. Everyone has the right to excellence

  4. Access for the most vulnerable creates a thriving environment for all

  5. Customization is scalable

Coaching is loving—we stand against white supremacy and all forms of systemic oppression.

Francie Jain is a two time entrepreneur, and Terawatt is Francie’s second for-profit endeavor. Her previous role was the founder of a third party marketing consultancy, West River Partners, that raised capital for Emerging Markets-based equity hedge funds. Francie graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Politics with a minor in visual arts, and then she went into a career in fashion. She then graduated from University of Chicago Booth School of Business with an MBA. While Francie was once drawn to the business of art, she is now obsessed with the art of business.

Francie Jain